Catalan numbers


Recently I was trying to count the number of n-bit numbers that have an equal number of 1’s and 0’s.  For example, there are 6 such numbers for 4-bit long numbers (0011, 0101, 0110, 1001, 1010, 1100).  I wrote a simple program to count such numbers for arbitrarily long numbers.  However, the program was computationally complex and it took a long time to compute the result for large values of n.  After spending some time trying to figure out the equation myself, I searched the internet and stumbled upon Catalan numbers.  I determined that the equation is related to Catalan numbers.  I included the equation below because I couldn’t find it anywhere else.  Also, I don’t have a formal proof, but it seems to work.  Enjoy!

Number of n-bit numbers that have an equal number of 1’s and 0’s = (m+1) * Cm, where m = n/2 and Cm = mth Catalan number

How to make your own Arduino shield

Arduino Shield

After many months of working on my Arduino based project, I decided to finalize my project by making my own custom PCB.  At first I wanted to design a PCB that connected to the Arduino through a series of cables.  After some thought however, I realized that a shield would be better because it would eliminate the need for cables.  This tutorial assumes an understanding of Cadsoft Eagle.  For more information about Eagle, see the Eagle Tutorials section below.  Here are the steps to make your own Arduino shield: Continue reading